Áfora is the Focus agora, a hub of thought, an area of reflection and activities that, based on the scenic experience, has the aim of influencing artistic, cultural and social life, in the territory of our influence.

We have 5 areas of action: The Romea Foundation, Àfora Edicions, La 5a Paret, Platea 618 and Espectadores

  • America: A Family Story

    La Villarroel - 14 February at 19:00

    Leonardo Padura, author of the series of black novel Mario Conde and El Hombre que amaba a los perros, and Sergi Pompermayer, author of the play America that is currently represented in La Villarroel, will be holding dialogue on the role that Catalans have played in the history of Cuba, both as colonialists and slavers and as fighters for the independence of the country. Two visions are summarized by the Majorcan military officer Valeriano Weiler, who created the infamous concentration camps in which approximately 170,000 people died, and Emilio Bacardí, who was the first mayor of Santiago de Cuba after the island’s independence.

    La Villarroel
    14 February

A dialogue between contemporary art and the performing arts.

The Romea Foundation investigates artistic forms to activate terms such as fervor, passion, the sublime, beauty or inspiration that paradoxically cause discomfort. A discomfort that manifests itself when we show ourselves sensitive to the world and reveal our vulnerability. It could be said that our effort seeks to summon ghosts, as Joan Fontcuberta did with the artist Margarida Xirgu, or Eduard Márquez when he tried, in a certain way, to overcome his ghosts to advance his literary work.

Romea Foundation website
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The intersection wall between the theater and the street, between the stage and society.

In the theater world, the virtual wall that separates the stage from the spectators is known as the fourth wall, and for a long time the actor-spectator interaction has been called “breaking the fourth wall”.

La 5a Paret is a meeting point that will allow us to capture concepts that emerged from the stage and take them to the field of philosophy, to analyze them from different angles and formats.

In editorial format to channel reflection needs.

An editorial stamp to protect Áfora’s will to permanence its activity, and the conceptual and aesthetic relevance of selected texts and creators.

ÀforaEdicions was born with the publication of three editorial initiatives:

Pre-Occupaciones, under the title “ParaísosPerdidos”, dedicated to identifying our sensitive part in collaboration with different authors such as Emma Riverola, Fernando Prats, Pep Duran, Helena Tornero, Anna Malagrida, Andrés Lima, Arash Arjomandi , Eloi Fernández Porta, Enrique Ruíz Domènec, Sofia Rincón and Pablo Auladell.

Fer Mutis (Mutandis). 35 verbal foci in the performing arts of Màrius Serra. A commission to the writer and journalist Màrius Serra on theatrical slang and aphorisms, which will gloss over theatrical concepts and expressions beyond their etymology, searching for hidden curiosities and origins.

And the adaptation of the theatrical text “Paradizo Perdido” by Helena Tornero, based on the epic poem by John Milton and illustrated by the artist Paula Bonet.

Aerial view of Gran Via shopping area in Madrid, Spain.

A connection between professionals from the theater sector in Barcelona and Madrid.

618 are the kilometers that exist between Barcelona and Madrid, the two theatrical centers of the State. We want to take advantage of this ascendancy to favor a close relationship between professionals from both cities, creating a permanent circuit and personal relationship channels, which allow increasing synergies aimed at increasing co-participation and creative and artistic exchange.

PLATEA 618 will feature meetings between artists and creators, and between managers and producers, to discuss atavistic concerns and new challenges.

A direct line of relationship with the public.

I International Congress of Theater Spectators. Barcelona, from October 24 to 26, 2022 at the Teatre Romea.

The first congress of, by and for theater spectators, who are art and part.

Its main objective is to summon the spectators to resume their role, to recover the collective energy that is produced when they connect with the performance of actresses and actors on stage.

More than 50 guests from 25 countries, from all continents, will meet to exchange remarkable international experiences that place theater audiences at the backbone of theater activity.

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